1. Add Website

2. Integrate Offerwall

3. Test Postback

Steps to integrate clixwall on your website

  1. Add websiteto ClixWall
    You can add demo postback URL while adding the website. You can obtain the API Code and Secret Password After adding the website .
  2. Download the postback files / Read the instructions
    AuroraGen4CashCrusaderEvolutionScriptUseTitanShiftCodeThese files include postback and marketplace API integration files , You can download these files and read the instructions available on the read me.

    If the script is not listed here. Check the sample iframe code and plain postback. You need to hire developer to integrate the offerwall.

  3. Add API Key and Secret on the file.
    You can enter these details on admin panel if you are using Shiftcode, Devzstudio GPTScript, UseTitan.

    If you are using EvolutionScript, Aurora, CashCrusader then you need to enter API, Secret on the file. These information are included at the readme file.

    Update the postback URL on ClixWall Account.

  4. Test the postback and check whether it credits or not.
    If the postback is not working. Make sure the postback URL set at account is correct. Check the secret code is entered at the postback file / admin panel.

OfferWall IFrame Code

IFrame URL


IFrame HTML Code

<iframe src="http://www.clixwall.com/wall?api=[API]&user=[USERNAME]&name=[NAME]&country=[COUNTRY]&email=[EMAIL]&avatar=[AVATAR]" width="900" height="1400" scrolling="0" frameborder="0" ></iframe>

[API] - Replace with your site API code.

[USER] - Username.

[Name] - Name of the user (Optional field)

[Country] - Country of the user. (Optional field)

[Email] - Email of the user . (Optional field)

[Avatar] - Avatar of the user . (Optional field)